Dealing with tough clients

tough clients
Tough clients can be scary for some readers. I have always approached them with calm and confidence and I am going to share in this article a recent experience.

I had read for that woman on a regular basis with predictions coming to fruition. The last reading – before the drama – concerned her relationship. She came to me to investigate about her boyfriend because she was becoming suspicious about some of his behaviour and I proceeded with the reading which showed to me how unfaithful and crooked he was. A few minutes afer receiving the reading she searched his social media account and phone and found that he had multiple encounters with prostitutes (ouch!). She told me that she would leave him (standard I guess) and came to me a few days later asking me if she would meet someone else within the next 6 months, totally disgusted with her boyfriend.

I got a beautiful heart spread full of love which I conveyed to her and showing that within 6 months she would find love again and be very happy. She was very surprised and quite suspicious because she was not the kind of woman to go out and socialize. But the spread was how it was and I only repeated that regardless she would be in another relationship, and very happily so.

3 months later she emailed me, pissed. She hadn’t met anybody and acted kind of rude to me because of the hope I had given her.

She was indeed what I call a tough client.

Those situations don’t occur that often to me. I think that from the start of my reading carreer, I can count them on 1 hand and each time it ended exactly the way it did in this article. When it happens I always remain polite and respectful, regardless how hot tempered the client can be.

In this case I reminded her that the time frame was within 6 months and that we were only half ways.

Besides, I asked her if she was still with her ex telling her that I felt that as long as she would remain in this relationship nothing would happen, life wouldn’t make the other relationship (the one full of hearts) happen. I had a feeling that inspite of her boyfriend going to prostitutes she was still with him 3 months later.

She never replied to my email (which was kind of rude) and time passed by.

2 months later she came back to me. She confessed that she was still with her boyfriend but that now she had met someone (without dating him) at her job and was excited that he would be the one of my pull. Because of this other man that she met she was less hot tempered with me, probably thinking that my prediction was not that off.

Here again when this happens (a client becoming a bit rude and then coming back to me because things unfold as fortetold) I keep no ressentment. I welcome back the client with my usual friendly behaviour.

So I checked and he didn’t appear that this new guy was the one I foresaw 5 months earlier. Still, I reminded her that as long as she would stay with her bf (she was still complaining to me about him and how unhappy she was), the Universe wouldn’t send her way the great new guy. I couldn’t say why but I had this strong intuition that as long as she would stay with him, absolutely nothing would happen. People have to understand that because some energies go in a certain direction, we have the free will to influence over them. If you are looking for a job and I tell you that you are likely to find one but you stay everyday on your couch eating doritos, it is unlikely that you will get the job. Having some energies ready for you doesn’t mean that they will manifest if you behave in an opposite way.

She finally listened to me and decided to break up. Not that I told her to do so, I never influence my clients and always respect their free will, but it was important that I pass this message that I received intuitively when she was in such a chaotic emotional state.

So, she did break up, and after doing so she felt relieved, as she told me.

Less than a week later, she came back to me very excited. She had met this great guy on a dating site and he looked like the person I described. She asked me to pull to see if there would be some attraction between them and finally I got a great pull which was in tune with the previous reading done 5 months ago (the one with all the hearts).

She went to the date and came back to me telling how all did happen as expected : attraction between them and some great times shared together.

Finally, 3 days later she came back to me happy to tell me that they were now starting a relationship as bg&gf and how happy she was.

She then left this wonderful review after which she apologized in email because of how rude she had been few months back when she came back to me pissed at me :

tough clients

Here is the translation from French :

Angelo my guardian angel.

I’ve known Angelo for more than a year and had several readings with him which always appeared to be spot on and genuine. He helped me to find my way and to finally be happy. He is an incredible person that I affectionate a lot… And especially when it comes to Fortune Telling, he has a reel talent with his readings – from the 1st to the last one – have always been 100% right, this is incredible! I am and will remain loyal to Angelo. Thank you for everything, thank you for helping me find my path.. I will get another reading soon, but about my work situation since we resolved the love one 😉“.

Toughest clients are the most loyal. Because when they see how your predictions come to fruition inspite of them being moody or impatient, they become clients for life.

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